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In the beginning, God created the headphone market.

And the market was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of those who appreciated high fidelity music, adventure, and exercise.

Then the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the people; and God said:

Let there be LIFE.

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We don’t truly believe that our headphones are divinely inspired, but we have experienced amazing, even revelatory, acts of sound through our headphones.

We do, however, believe in the power of music and have seen the profound impact LIFE Headphones have had on our workouts, our moods, and our lives.

As audiophiles, we are picky, almost annoyingly so, when it comes to our music and what we listen to it on. As active humans, who enjoy exercise and adventure, we want to unleash the power of music on every aspect of our lives.

These beliefs and desires led us to an observation:


In our quest to imbue our lives with music, we constantly found exercise headphones that didn’t meet our standards of fidelity and audiophile headphones that were clunky, fragile, and lacked resistance to sweat. Plus, most of our headphones broke within the first year of use.

We found potential solutions to our problems in a strange place: the hearing aid industry. Think about it, hearing aids are designed to be worn all day long, for years and to sound like real life. Why can’t our headphones do that?

By combining the brilliant minds of audiophiles, athletes, audiologists, and sound engineers, we have developed a solution: Audiophile fidelity headphones designed for athletes. They offer sound quality competitive with leading audiophile headphones and the comfort, durability, and sweat resistance demanded by athletes.




Based in Minneapolis, we are a boutique audio tech company devoted to the development & discovery of new ideas and markets, with the goal of maximizing benefit to the consumer and those in need. See how we snuck that last part in there? We focus on you as well as those in need.

This is where our big picture thinking comes in, our true belief about how the world should be. We know the power that our headphones have. That’s why we sell them. But we want to use that power to profit the world, not just ourselves. We believe that in all things, humans must remain focused on the other, especially those others who have so very little.




Every pair of headphones we sell helps fund sustainable solutions for hearing impaired children living in poverty.

We are not experts in hearing impairment, but we understand the joy that music and sound bring to our lives, so we want to enable all people to experience these same joys as well as enhance their ability to learn and communicate through sound. So we have partnered with an organization filled with dedicated and skilled people who help us realize our mission, some of whom are the very audiologists and engineers that help us to develop LIFE Headphones.

Ayudame a Escuchar is a not for profit organization that provides long term relationship and tech based solutions to hearing impaired children who live in Mexico. The image above was taken at dusk in the town of Guaymas, Mexico, where Ayudame a Escuchar focuses their services.




Service - Our social mission is how we practice our dedication to service

Love - You’ll sense it in our superb customer service. Our 30 days to love LIFE ensures you will fall into a life long relationship with your new headphones

Quality - The LIFE Promise: Every pair of LIFE Headphones is built in the USA by expert technicians and is hand tested to ensure they provide you with the pinnacle of audio performance during your workouts and adventures.

Long Term Thinking - Every pair of our headphones is sold with a lifetime warranty. We are committed to making concrete, financially sustainable business decisions that promote longevity and stability of our company, and thus the lives of our employees.

Local Focus - All of our headphones are made in the USA from components sourced from the USA.



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