Our cords are special.

Our microphone cord, co-designed with Plastics1

                   Built to last a lifetime:

  • Rugged connections and bifurcation
  • Flex Master bend reliefs prevent fraying
  • PVC coated, twist-braided tinsel wire
  • Lifetime warranty on cord related accidents!

                   Built to sound amazing:

  • Gold-plated flangeless plug pin
  • Silver-plated tinsel wire with PVC insulation
  • Gold-plated 2 pin IEM connectors

A word from Life Acoustics on headphone cords:


Yes, I am so passionate about our headphone cord that I am writing about it in the first person. Hopefully this proves something to you. Our desire to create better headphones exists beyond sound and fit into the most overlooked aspect of every headphone: the cord. Think about it. Without a cord, your headphones are nothing. With a poor cord, hifi headphones sound like drugstore-bought earbuds. A headphone's cord is like a person's diet. You die without it and underperform if your diet is poor. But when you switch over to a beautiful healthy diet, it affects nearly every aspect of your life!

All of that aside, we decided to put a lot of love and research into our cord because I had a terrible experience (that we learned is pandemic among headphone users) with my last pair of headphones. They were expensive and highly marketed. I thought they sounded good and looked pretty cool, too. One month in, the cord started to break right where it plugged into my music device! One month! And these were expensive headphones.

Put it this way, I really BEAT myself up over that purchase (if you catch my meaning).

No more, we decided. No way were we going to create headphones with weak cords. The best, the very best only for LIFE. Now we could have tried to figure out ourselves how to make a great cord. But let's be honest, we aren't cord experts. Who is? Well, it turns out, there are some cord experts out there.

Plastics1 started out making cords for medical equipment in 1949. That's how we knew we could trust them. If you can trust your life to a cord, you can trust your headphones to it. About thirty years ago they started making high-end audio components. We sell our headphones with their cords because, very simply, they are the best. They sound amazing (Have you ever heard a cord? We have! Because we care!). Equally as essential, they are incredibly durable. We have stress tested these things like crazy and they are all but indestructible. We have had zero problems in over a year of the quasi-abusive life we expect active audiophiles to put our headphones through. Not a lot of headphones can say that.

Plus, just like our earpieces, OUR CORDS ARE MADE IN THE USA!

Well, now I'm all jazzed up and am going to go listen to some pump up jams on my LIFE headphones.

-Cooper Buss

Co-Founder, Lead Audiophile, and House DJ

Life Acoustics