It takes a brave headphone to stay in your ear no matter what.

See the LIFE Headphone in action:

Using a patented design shaped like the crevices in your ear, LIFE anchors itself comfortably for long term active use. Four parts of your ear are harnessed to varying degrees, based on the size and shape of your ear, to hold your LIFE in place:


1) Our form fitting cord hooks over the top of your ear, directing cord tension so that the earpiece is pulled into your ear rather than out.

2) The tail of the earpiece hooks into the fold of your helix, providing an upper anchor.

3) The slim, ergonomic body of the earpiece fits entirely in the concha of most ears, holding it close to your head so that the LIFE Headphone can be worn under hats and helmets or while sleeping on your side.

4) The earpiece inserts into your ear canal, creating an airtight seal that provides a lower anchor and locks in bass frequency sound waves.

Use LIFE anywhere, for any activity. Sweat resistant, pressure sealed earpieces wont be affected by your lifestyle.