Imagine going to school and not being able to hear your teacher.


How can you learn?


How can you start a life in a developing country if you cannot hear?

66% of the hearing impaired live in the developing world, yet only 12% of hearing aids end up in these countries.


To address this disparity, Life Acoustics partners with an organization called Help Me Hear (HMH or Ayudame a Escuchar), whose mission and roots are at the core of Life Acoustics.


HMH was founded in 1992 by Gordon Bye (father of Westin, one of Life Acoustic’s founders) and a group of audiologists dedicated to helping children in Guaymas, Mexico hear. Through medical examinations of the ear, nose, and throat together with complete audiology testing and the placement of hearing aids for individuals in need, HMH provides a comprehensive solution for children who suffer from profound hearing impairment.


We love how HMH operates. Unlike other similar organizations, HMH maintains a relationship with the children they help:


“Each year additional efforts are made to increase involvement of the Guaymas community and its leaders allowing the project to reach a personal connection within the community it serves. Lives are changed, burdens are lightened, and hearts are filled with joy as ears receive new life from Help Me Hear.”

-HMH Organizational Overview


Through these ongoing relationships within Guaymas, HMH has discovered that many parents struggle to afford the batteries needed to power their child’s hearing aids week to week.


By harnessing the sun to charge the batteries hearing aids run on, we can give a child years of hearing their mother’s voice, years of education, and years of a better life.


When you buy a pair of Life Earphones, Life Acoustic’s donates a portion of your sale towards a solar powered hearing aid for a child who lives in poverty. We would love to be able to donate one hearing aid for every pair of headphones sold. As our company's mission and reach expand, we will be able to use more and more of every sale to equip these children with solar hearing aids!