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Frequency Range        20Hz - 15kHz


Hz or Hertz is a measure of frequency in waves. For example, 1 Hz is like one peak and one valley of an ocean wave hitting the shoreline every second. One peak and valley is called a cycle, so Hertz measures cycles per second. In sound, frequency creates pitch, with lower frequencies producing lower sounds.


The range of LIFE starts at 20 Hz. At such a low frequency, you can hear the fluttering of the waves hitting your ear, 20 per second. The highest sound LIFE can produce is 15kHz or 15,000 cycles per second. That's so high, you wont like it. To give you an idea, the highest note on a piano or a piccolo is just under 4,000 Hz or 4kHz. You will rarely have higher pitched sounds in music, but in case you are watching a crazy movie, LIFE can produce sound that high.


Sensitivity                      119 dB SPL/mW


Sensitivity is pretty close to what you would think. It measures how loudly a sound can be produced with a certain amount of voltage. It's measured in dB SPL/mW or deciBels of Sound Pressure Level per milliWatt. Decibels measure volume based on how much pressure a sound wave exerts on your ear drum. A milliwatt is a very small unit of voltage.


Think of sensitivity as measuring the volume of a drum after you use your hand to hit it. Your hand provides the voltage that produces a sound wave from the drum whose volume can be measured in decibels. 119 dB SPL/mW is a comparatively high sensitivity level. This means you can listen to your music at lower volume levels with higher clarity because even your phone is capable of producing amazing sound through LIFE.


Impedance                       36 ohms


36 ohms is a fairly high impedance level for earphones. Comparatively this means that LIFE earphones resist the power your music device outputs more than other similar products. Higher resistance means more clarity and accuracy, but small devices like phones often don't have enough power to drive them. LIFE earphones combine highly sensitive dual armature drivers with powerful sound isolation to allow your portable music device to properly power a higher impedance earphone so your music is more accurate and clear.