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Most headphones aren't capable of producing your music's nuances.

Yet it is these tiny sounds, like the depth of an echo or a specific note's timbre that our brains are used to hearing in real life. In fact, it's one of the ways you recognize your mother's voice or Yo Yo Ma's cello.

LIFE's sound technology is normally reserved for the in-ear monitors professional musicians wear on stage. We believe everyone with ears to hear should listen to their music at its best. So, to bring you real LIFE music, each of our earpieces contains two balanced armature drivers, one dedicated and tuned to high frequencies and one to low frequencies. With LIFE, you literally have both a woofer and a tweeter in each ear. These drivers are fed your music through a device called a crossover that separates the high and low sounds in your music allowing the earphone to produce both parts of the spectrum of sound to you in perfect cohesion. 

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They compare well to my $700 custom-fit IEMs in terms of sound, and they do that with four fewer drivers.
— Dave Ford, audiophile, musician, LIFE beta tester

Most headphones are tuned to highlight the bass or to sound flat. 

What if your music could come alive? 

LIFE headphones are precision tuned to present your music dynamically, highlighting the parts of music your ears crave the most. With a slightly U-shaped tuning, LIFE place a small emphasis on the bass and treble. The result is a warm, lively sound that energizes your music. With a slight de-emphasis on the mid range, LIFE can be listened to for extended periods of time (such as while running marathons) without the listener fatigue you would experience from other headphones.

The sound of the LIFE Headphones is fairly unique for a dual balanced armature earphone – it is mildly v-shaped, with good bass punch, slightly laid-back mids, and bright treble.
— Ljokerl, headphone reviewer,

Most headphones are just little speakers, shooting sound out at your ears.

LIFE's advanced audio technology, called balanced armature micro-drivers, use magnets and a tiny flipper to produce high fidelity sound while taking up a fraction of the space that a normal headphone speaker would. The result is a massive, articulate sound from a tiny earphone that fits completely in your ear and directs sound straight down your ear canal.

In other headphones, a loose seal or fit lets other sounds in and causes the headphone to project music at parts of the ear that can't hear. LIFE earphones insert into the ear canal and form an airtight seal that keeps ambient noise out and your music in.

LIFE’s warm response and very good isolation allow it to be worn for long periods of time without listener fatigue, and it’s comfortable enough not to distract you from your workout, either.
— Mr. T, IEM Blogger and reviewer,

Most headphones don't create a realistic sound-stage.

Ever notice how your headphones don't sound quite as good as the real world? Music is recorded and mixed to create a listening experience that mimics an environment: live concerts, performance halls, recording studios, even city streets. Your ear can detect these different sonic environments in real life because they each have nuanced echo signatures and tiny sound details from ambient noise. These sounds give life to music, make it seem real.

LIFE's sensitive audio technology and sound isolation combine to create a listening experience that transports you into an authentic sonic environment, giving extra dimension to your music.

With no hyperbole, the LIFE IEM have the best sense of stereo imaging and separation that I can recall hearing in an IEM. The sense of depth that they provide is astonishing, accurately portraying the distance from listener to instrument, while similarly providing a good sense of space between each instrument. What is equally impressive is the accuracy of instruments positioning on the soundstage, each instrument having it’s own layer and proper sense of direction which allows me to absorb myself in the many layers of sound presented.
— Keanex, headphone reviewer,

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